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The Story:
Target Market Newsletter

I worked with a physical therapy provider to develop and write a quarterly newsletter targeted at healthcare providers. With specific direction from marketing, sales, and operations, each issue featured four original articles plus company-specific stories.


Copywriting, Creative Concept, Project Management

Project Excerpt:

HEADLINE: More Than Backs and Ankles

BODY COPY: Pulled muscles and bad backs aren’t the only problems that physical therapists can treat. Recognizing symptoms is the first step toward healing sports injuries, head and neck problems, work-related injuries and even dizziness. Sending your patients to Champion Fitness gets them back to their life, work, exercise and activities faster.

SECTION: Sports Injuries

Sooner or later, every fitness enthusiast or athlete — whether amateur or professional — is injured. The injury could be minor, and easily treated. Or it could be major, painful, difficult to diagnose and require extensive therapy. But no matter what the injury is, the athlete wants to correct the problem and continue sports activities.

Before consulting their doctor, athletes often talk with coaches, friends and fellow athletes to try to understand what caused the injury. Obviously, relying solely on other athletes for diagnosis and treatment is a jigsaw puzzle approach, an approach that often delays accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Champion Fitness understands the specific needs of the athlete and creates rehabilitation programs to address individual injuries. We even offer a free sports injury clinic during key times of the year because we realize that major injuries often begin as minor complaints that are not properly identified or effectively rehabilitated. Champion Fitness strives to identify the problem and begin a rehabilitation program designed to return patients to sports participation as quickly and safely as possible.

SECTION: Head and Neck

Today, routine visits to the dentist often reveal more than the routine cavity. Sometimes, when patients complain of facial and neck pain, the dental examination reveals tenderness in the muscles used for chewing and altered jaw movement.

Patients who notice jaw noises or frequently experience sore facial muscles upon waking or after eating, should consult with a Champion Fitness physical therapist. Physical therapy is a conservative treatment to complement the dentist or doctor in managing these patients.

Skilled physical therapy intervention helps to educate the patient in joint protection for the jaw and neck regions. Our therapists will educate about tongue positioning, work to establish the muscle tone that allows the jaw to close so that the teeth match and exercise the patient to eliminate excessive muscle tone in the neck region.


The hips bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the…We’ve all heard the song, but do we consider the implications of all the connections? Many times foot problems can lead to problems in the knees, hips, and low back regions. Physical therapy is an integral component in the treatment of pain and injury in the foot and ankle. Champion Fitness physical therapists instruct in body mechanics, gait sequencing, stretching, and strengthening exercises. Our goals are to increase mobility of the foot and ankle along with allowing patients to return to pain-free function.

SECTION: Balance

Feelings of dizziness and loss of balance can rob patients of freedom, mobility, and confidence. Champion Fitness can restore their quality of life by treating their symptoms of loss of balance and dizziness. From a strengthening program for weak vestibular systems to compensation measures to make up for permanent damage, we work with patient and doctor to restore balance – and confidence.

SECTION: Workers’ Compensation

Did you know that a very small percentage of injured workers are permanently and completely disabled? Do you have a patient struggling with a work-related injury and who’s anxious to return to work? Today, due to the emphasis on returning to gainful employment, rehabilitation programs like ours aim to treat a patient’s injury so you can get them back to work.