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The Story:

I worked with Big Brothers / Big Sisters of San Diego on a number of copywriting projects including the monthly email. I’m proud to have been associated with such a dedicated group of people.


Copywriting, Creative Concept, Digital Strategy

Project Excerpt:

PROJECT: Big Brothers / Big Sisters of San Diego Newsletter

HEADLINE: Weekly one hour bricks cement five-year friendship

SUBHEAD: Big Sister Elizabeth / Little Brother Jason

BODY COPY: Building a Lego model takes time, patience and attention to detail. Sometimes hundreds of little pieces need to fit together correctly for the finished masterpiece. With time and tact, the art of working the bricks into a recognizable form results in more than the sum of the parts…very much like a friendship.

Elizabeth and Jason have built a strong friendship over the past five years. As the longest site-based match in BBBS of San Diego County history, the pair still enjoys weekly time together often spent building with Legos while chatting.

“I look forward to every Tuesday,” said Elizabeth. “Even though it has been five years, it feels like it’s our first year.  We still have fun and look forward to seeing each other every week.”

Jason agreed. “It’s fun,” he said.

(Story Break: Read more about the building of a friendship)

Jason was in the first grade and Elizabeth a freshman in high school when the pair were matched. During those first meetings, they played games together and got to know each other. Jason remembers the day they met as his best memory with Elizabeth.

“Yes, I agree, it was awkward at first, but you could tell it was a good match,” Elizabeth admitted.  “We started talking right away. We were both shy, but we aren’t anymore because we got used to each other.”

Elizabeth became a Big Sister out of a desire to help.

“I like kids and I wanted to make a difference.  I was bullied in middle school and never received help from a mentor. I figured this was my opportunity to help someone else,” Elizabeth said.

She continued, “I try to convince my friends to join BBBS.  I tell them that it’s only one hour and you can potentially make a difference.  People my age spend more than an hour on Facebook, why not make a difference instead?”

Those differences appear on both sides of the match. Jason and Elizabeth have both learned from each other over the years.

“I learned to be myself,” said Jason.

“I learned to loosen up and not be as shy,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s dedication to honor her commitment to Jason as well as herself has not always been an easy path. After graduating from high school, she arranged her college schedule to include weekly time with Jason. Elizabeth has made sure that they meet or talk every week – even in tough times.

“A few years ago I had surgery and was unable to make it to session.  I called Jason every week for a year at our scheduled time.  It was hard, but I wanted to be there for him,” she said.

With devotion like Elizabeth’s, it’s easy to understand Jason’s enthusiasm for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“Everyone should join BBBS if they can.  I’ll tell them that they will love it! It’s fun and a good experience.  It gets rid of social problems – I’m not shy anymore!” he said.

“For people that are matched, I want to say that they shouldn’t be afraid of the commitment,” Elizabeth added. “It’s not about getting your community service hours. It’s about the impact you are making and the friendship you are creating.”

A friendship that anyone can build, brick by brick.