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The Story:

I wrote this whimsical script for Fun1st, a New York-based non-profit. The copywriting helped Fun1st reach out to schools in their mission to keep kids healthy.


Approx. 1-1/2 minutes video, Copywriting, Creative Concept, Digital Strategy, Project Management, Script, Social Media


This is Isaac.

Isaac has a lot of friends at school and in his neighborhood.

Isaac loves to watch tv and play video games just like his friends.

But too much sitting and not enough moving means one in five of Isaac’s friends are at risk for diabetes and obesity and other things that can impact their quality of life.

Isaac’s teachers and principal noticed that when kids don’t move, kids don’t do well in school.

But their school didn’t have the resources they needed for more physical education time.

So they called Fun1st.

Fun1st arrived with fresh ingredients, kid-friendly equipment and instructors who knew exactly how to get Isaac and his friends moving just like they have for hundreds of other kids since 2013.

Now all the students at Isaac’s school are feeling fit and doing cool things like yoga and dance and learning how to make good decisions about what they put in their bodies.

Thanks Fun1st!

Learn more online at www.Fun1st.org