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The Story:

I put together a quick video to highlight the benefits of animation in business marketing. Sure, it’s a self-promo piece, but I love the dancing oven too much to not include it here.


Copywriting, Creative Concept, Digital Strategy, Project Management, Script, Social Media


You don’t run a cookie-cutter business, so don’t settle for half-baked video marketing.

Your business is absolutely unique. That’s why people pick you. And you’d like more people to choose you, right? More leads. More customers. More sales. Make it happen with an animated video from Mastin Creative.

Chew on this: Survey data from 2019 shows that a whopping 96 percent of people turn to video to learn more about a product or service. Ninety-six percent!

A one-of-a-kind animated video from Mastin Creative helps bake that 96 percent into hot-out-of-the-oven sales. We have the recipe for a sweet combination of story, script, and savoir faire that will entertain and educate your audience.

Bring your sales, promotion, and training to life with the creative talents of our writers, animators, and voice artists.

You’ll end up with a handcrafted animated video perfect for showing off on the web, at trade shows, in meetings, over family dinners, in line at the bank, at the coffee counter, during your cousin’s wedding, at the ball game, in line at the grocery store….


You’re no cookie-cutter. You’re ready for a fresh way to say it, sell it, or teach it. Give your customers a tasty animated video from Mastin Creative. It’s the secret ingredient for a delicious bottom-line.