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Mastin creative:
The authorized backStory

A tale of love, passion, & international intrigue!

Once upon a time, before spell check, email and computer-aided everything, a writer married an artist. They each loved their craft and loved each other even more. Together the writer and the artist formed a plan to escape the shackles of the 9-to-5 life. With little more than their talents and each other, the writer and the artist broke free to spend their days together doing what makes them happy. As time rolled on, the writer and the artist recognized that the world around them constantly evolved. They dedicated themselves to mastering new talents, technologies and techniques. Through the years and continual study, the writer became more like the artist and the artist became more like the writer. Together they became a powerhouse of talent and knowledge. Their work helped others to achieve goals and build businesses. Success followed the pair through every project. One day, the writer and the artist sat working together, each engrossed in a different project. Without looking up, the artist reached across the table to hold the writer’s hand. The writer smiled and squeezed the artist’s hand gently, happy in the life they’d built together.

We’re Bill and Abby Mastin, owners of Mastin Creative.

Those smiling faces? We get to see those everyday and they mean the world to us. That’s a story in itself.