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Just like your business, every animation we create is one-of-a-kind.


Fun1st, a New York-based non-profit, asked us to develop an animated video that would help them reach out to schools in their mission to keep kids healthy. After talking through the initial concepts, we developed a script, recorded audio with a young voice talent, created custom artwork, and developed the animation.

SPECS: Approx. 1-1/2 minutes video, concept, script, voice over, animation, deliver MP4 :: Animation, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Script, Video


Quitless, a mission-based apparel company, asked us to animate a unique logo design. The final cut can be used on web sites, at trade shows, or in any digital marketing.

SPECS: 10 seconds, animation, deliver MP4 :: Animation, Creative Strategy, Video


CenterLink, a national non-profit, asked us to help develop an animation to demonstrate the chat features of a new website. We talked through the project and decided that the typical video dimensions allowed for more information that just a chat. We worked with the client to create marketing points and include them in a split-screen format.

SPECS: Approx. 2+ minutes video, script writing, animation, music, deliver MP4 :: Animation, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Script, Social Media, Video


A young lady asked us to create an animated introduction that she could use for her YouTube channel videos. We combined catchy music, bright colors, and a sidebar that she can customize for each episode to make a memorable branding intro.

SPECS: Approx. 12 second video, custom logo, special effects, animation, music, deliver MP4 :: Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo, Social Media, Video


Consider this a bit of vanity, but we love to BBQ at our house. We love to make quick videos that showcase our good eats to remember the delicious dishes we share as a family. These off-the-cuff foodie videos also provide a platform to try some artistic ideas and show off what can be done in just a couple of minutes.

SPECS: Approx. 90 second video, Custom logo, special effects, animation, videography, music, create MP4 :: Animation, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo, Photography, Video


Climb For PTSD asked us to combine animation with existing footage and photos for short Victory Tower promotional video. The result is a high-energy piece showcasing a variety of climbers and settings.

SPECS: Approx. 1 minute video, graphic design, music, deliver MP4 :: Animation, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Video


We worked with Spokes to add animation to a series of videos that teach non-profits about grant writing. Using provided video footage, we developed animation and other visuals to help keep viewers attention.

SPECS: SPECS: Under 3 minute video, animation, deliver MP4 :: Animation, Creative Strategy, Video


The International Talent Academy asked us to help increase enrollment with a promotional video. The school provided video footage and photos to use in the piece. The result is an upbeat showcase highlighting the fun and talents of students.

SPECS: Approx. 90 second video, video editing, animation, music, deliver MP4 :: Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Video